Welcome to Essener Verkehrs-AG Website

This is where Essen local transport authority presents new functions and information. Ruhrbahn Essen keeps the city moving: with some 300,000 passengers a day, it ranks up amongst the leading mobility providers.

Local Transport is Synonymous with Ruhrbahn

On behalf of the city of Essen, Ruhrbahn GmbH guarantees the mobility of its citizens and provides bus, tram and underground connections between the individual parts of the city. Underground line U18 and tram line 107 even provide convenient links to the neighbouring cities of Mülheim and Gelsenkirchen. Ruhrbahn opts for state-of-the-art rail and bus technology: its new low-floor buses, for example, have attracted great interest throughout Germany. In the course of the changeover to euros, Ruhrbahn installed specially designed, ultra-simple ticket vending machines at every stop throughout the entire city area. As Ruhrbahn wishes to offer its services on a person-to-person basis, there are also customer service centres at all major interchange points, where the staff not only provide information about fares and connections, but also sell a selection of merchandise for all local transport fans. Ruhrbahn is well aware of its 100-year-old traditions and has set up the vintage transport association "Verkehrshistorische Arbeitsgemeinschaft" in order to document the history of public transport (contact Mr. Ahlbrecht, 0201/826-1810). This sense of responsibility towards the past means that vintage buses and trams do not end up on the scrap heap, but are lovingly restored. These trams can be hired for parties or tours of the city. For further information, call 0201/1826-1356. The Baldeney "White Fleet", which formerly belonged to Ruhrbahn, now sails back and forth across the lake under its own flag. The boats are also available for round trips, ferry crossings and trips to the lock: especially in summer, they are ideal for an excursion to the Ruhr lake in the south of Essen. For further information call 0201/8404360.

Customer Service Centres

Customer service centres can be found at the following locations:

Customer service centre Hauptbahnhof [central railway station]
in the pedestrian walkway:

Open Mon - Fri, 7.30 - 20 h, Sat 8 - 14 h
Phone 0201/826 -1234

Customer service centre Berliner Platz (also lost property office):
Open Mon - Fri 8 - 19 h, Sat 8 - 14 h
Phone 0201/826 -1234


Ruhrbahn GmbH is a member of the Rhein-Ruhr transport association (VRR) and its fares are based on VRR regulations. From the city centre to the north, Essen belongs to VRR fare district 35, while the south belongs to district 45. Inside Essen, passengers can travel up to three stops on a short-distance ticket which costs € 1.50, or throughout the entire city area on a Fare Class A ticket, which costs € 2.50. Within the VRR area, the same ticket is valid for all buses, trams and light rail services, and for the rapid transit and regional trains of Deutsche Bahn. Other offers include the 4-journey ticket ["Vierer-Karte"], which costs € 9.00 for Fare Class A, or the day ticket (Fare Class A for € 5.50). The 4-journey ticket can either be used for four journeys by one person, or one journey by four persons. The day ticket is valid one day long for up to five persons.


Tram tickets can only be bought from the ticket vending machines, which are located at every stop, or from the customer service centres, but not from the driver.

Night Express

As the transport company of a thriving metropolis, Ruhrbahn also offers a special service for night owls: the NachtExpress lines. These buses run , when the regular trams and buses have already stopped for the night at 11 p.m. The night express buses leave from Hauptbahnhof, the central railway station at hourly intervals, beginning at 11:30 p.m., heading for all districts of Essen. The NE 11 line even goes as far as Neue Mitte Oberhausen (CentrO) - and runs until 5 in the morning! The NachtExpress timetable is available in a handy pocket-sized version. For further information, call our service number 01803 -504030 (Festnetzpreis 0,09€/ Minute; Mobilfunk max. 0,42€/ Minute).